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"Nurses around the world echo the same sentiments.  We feel disillusioned, betrayed, devalued, scripted Even disposable."

Are you one of the millions of nurses struggling with burnout?
Do you often feel exhausted drained of physical and emotional energy?
Are you increasingly cynical, negative, and frustrated?
Are you less sympathetic and easily irritated with patients, co-workers, and loved ones?
Are you overwhelmed by an unrealistic workload?
Do you ever have the nagging feeling that you're taking care of everyone (patients, friends, family) but yourself?



HealThy Nurse isn't just another self-help book or a collection of funny anecdotes and fuzzy affirmations.  This two part transformational system developed by a nurse for nurses  offers  real-life solutions for today's overworked, over- stressed nurse.
The concepts and strategies in HealThy Nurse will inspire and empower you to:
eliminate burnout forever.
reclaim respect and power in your career.
simplify your life — without sacrificing what you love.

Read an excerpt ("A Day in the Life")