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HealThy Nurse Workshop


 Is burn out becoming an epidemic in your organization?  
     Do you want to improve RN satisfaction?  
     Are you ready to open the lines of communication with your staff? 


Through the HealThy Nurse Workshop, caregivers learn that a balanced life is a choice – and that they must be accountable and responsible for their own health and happiness.  Nurses work together to solve the problems specific to their units.  Through the HealThy Nurse Reality Worksheet, we discover what is working and what’s not working – and why.  Together, we will come up with real-life, practical solutions and your nurses will walk away from the workshop feeling empowered and excited about nursing again. 

Here’s what people who have attended the course are saying:

“I have heard many positive comments…I even had an ED nurse stop by my office, thank me for the morning, and tell me how she and another ED nurse had planned and each got a break outside and it was great.  …The old ‘smoker’s place’ is being cleaned off and new outdoor tables have been ordered and we also have some hanging baskets out there; the break thing is going house-wide! We will keep plugging away and try to change things ‘one nurse at a time.’” – Kim Croft, VP Patient Services, Pomerene Hospital

“Loved hearing a ‘real nurse’ – someone who has experience in a real setting!”

“Wonderful speaker.”

“Very interesting and helpful, especially because Jennifer is ‘one of us’ and has been through all of this!” 



For information regarding HealThy Nurse Workshops

please contact Jennifer at jen@healthynurse.com