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“I purchased your book at a time when I needed it the most.  I refer to it often and continue to try to rebuild my career.  Your words of wisdom have helped so many of us work through our burn out.  The demands of our profession have created such a burden and so many of us think that we need to bear it alone. You made me see that this is not the case, and have inspired me to work through the dark days and find the passion that I once had for nursing.  Thank you for all your insight and inspiration.” – Johnette Bennage, RN, Mifflinburg , PA

Take back your life! Seek balance before you burn out. Stress kills and there’s no doubt about it that nursing is a stress-filled occupation. In HealThy Nurse, you can learn from Jennifer Carr’s personal descent into burnout, how she survived the ordeal, and how she learned to thrive as a nurse. Going the extra mile, Jennifer brings you step-by-step strategies to identify burnout, learn how to help yourself, and relieve stress regularly. Her hope for the future of nursing is that by example, nurses will teach others to heal themselves. –RN Magazine, July 2007 

Reading this book was akin to looking in a mirror at my own life experience.

Jennifer Carr wittily provides a much needed and practical route to achieving the inherent need for care of the caregiver, which is greatly lacking in healthcare today.

I am recommending HealThy Nurse to all my new graduates.

Leslie K. Payne, MSN, RN, ACNP —  University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio

A soulful look at the plight of nurses today. Jennifer Carr provides a dynamic tool-kit jammed with strategies to improve life both spiritually and physically. A must read for nurses, but of great value to anyone feeling the frustration of life's challenges.

"Been there - done that" is the shared cry of nurses who have moved on.

Betsy Horan, BSN, RN —  Winamac, Indiana

I picked up this book at midnight after a 16-hour shift and I couldn't put it down. HealThy Nurse is a clever and easy read. Every nurse should read this book!

I am personally finding the stress level of the new grads working in our critical care environment a big issue. They are easily burned out and eaten up by our older, burned - out staff. The workload is so intense. We can't get experienced help and we can't keep help. It's a vicious cycle.

I love nursing and it has been good to me. As educators, we touch little during the orientation process on our stress level, particularly the anxiety of new grads. Those who have stuck it out and learned to cope — so we think — have to wonder if we're doing a good job helping new grads get comfortable and not just competent. HealThy Nurse offers a great opportunity for nurse leaders to encourage their staff — new grads and seasoned nurses — to focus on self-care and the prevention of burn out. It could prove to be an invaluable tool for orientation programs as well as retention programs.

Arlene Watrobski, BSN, RN, CEN, CCRN —  Patient Care Coordinator, Emergency Department, Active Critical Care Nurse for 35 years, Charleston, South Carolina

HealThy Nurse is a book whose time has come. Jennifer Carr has done a great job gathering research and clearly showing the reader why the entire country is in the midst of a serious nursing crisis. HealThy Nurse provides nurses with the tools to overcome and prevent burnout. It presents proven ways to release stress and create better health and better work environments. This outstanding book is a “must read” for all nurses. It will make a great contribution not only to the lives of nurses, but also to patients around the world.

Bobbie Stevens, PhD, President, Unlimited Futures LLC, Author, Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want www.unlimitedfutures.org

I just got the book and it’s great! I have been feeling really burned out for a while…too tired to go to the gym, wasn’t eating right, getting depressed, etc.. It’s time for some balance before I get too old! Thanks again – your book came along at the exact right time for me! –Susan, RN, California